About Danielle de Picciotto

Born in Tacoma, Washington USA

Studied music & art in NYC

Works as interdisciplinary artist in the fields of musi/ art / film/ literature/performance

Co-founder of Berlin "Loveparade"

Has exhibited  at  Zoo London Art Fair (England), Berliner Liste Art Fair (Germany)

Cooperation with German Cultural Goethe Institute in Hong Kong, Milan, Rome, Tokyo, Berlin, Prague, Sarajevo, Mexico City




Album Releases by/with Danielle de Picciotto


              JOY Meditationalbum         in collaboration with Alexander Hacke 2018

              Menetekel                     in collaboration with Alexander Hacke 2017

Leise Fäden                  in collaboration with Sonae   2017

      Monika Werkstatt          in collaboration with Gudrun Gut  2017

             Unity mediatationalbum       in collaboration with Alexander Hacke 2016

              Perseverantia               in collaboration with Alexander Hacke 2016

Tacoma                                                     solo album  2015

                                 Needle at Sea Bottom   in collaboration with Alexander Hacke and Lary 7  2014

                                                          Ministry of Wolves         in collaboration with Alexander Hacke, Mick Harvey, Paul Wallfish 2014

                           American Twilight          in collaboration with Crime & The City Solution 2013

              Hitman's Heel                in collaboration with Alexander Hacke 2011

                The Ship of Fools          in  collaboration with Alexander Hacke 2008

            Nackte Hunde                in collaboration with Ziska Rieman  2005

      No Go                            in collaboraion with "Die Haut"  1997

          Ocean Club                    in collaboration with Gudrun Gut   1996

Diva Mania                           Compilation/Digivalley  1995

                Terrorist                           in collaboration with Space Cowboys 1993

   Cheerio                            in collaboration with Malaria 1992

                 Locked and Loaded         in collaboration with Space Cowboys 1991





Filmreleases by Danielle de Picciotto


"Crossroads" Silent Movie 2018

"Not Junk Yet"  The Art of Lary 7  2015

"The Glasshouse"   2012

"How Long is Now"  2010

"Ship Of Fools"  2008

"On Tour with Neubuaten.org" 2004






    Book Publications by Danielle de Picciotto

"We Are Gypsies Now"  Publisher: Amok Books, Los Angeles   Release Date: August 13th 2015

"We Are Gypsies Now - Der Weg ins Ungewisse" Publisher: Metrolit Verlag, Berlin 2013

“The Beauty of Transgression” (a Berlin Memoir) Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin  2011



Films & Publications featuring Danielle de Picciotto


"Wilde Jahre West Berlin" Film by Margarete Kreuze, März 2017

"Berlin Calling" Book by Paul Hockenos 2017

"Wendeklang" EIn Film über den Mauerfall und Berlin" by Felix Denk & Sven von Thülen, August 2014

"It's not only Rock'n'Roll : Sexe, drogues & sagesse du rock" by Catharine Viale & Matthias Moreau;Publisher:Laurent De Sutter 2014

 "Berlin What?" Artpublication, Publisher: Uwe Neu & Oliver Thoben; Neonchocolate Gallery, 2013

  “Der Klang der Familie” (Suhrkamp); Oral History of Techno in Berlin, by Felix Denk & Sven von Thülen 2012

“Künstlerische Transformationen” Artreviews, Publisher: Reimer Verlag; 2010

"Do You Love Me Like I Love You: Tender Prey" – Filmdocumentary on Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds & contemporaries by Iain Forsyth und Jane Pollard 2009

"SubBerlin" – Filmdocumentary about the legendary Berlin Techno-Club "Tresor" by Tilmann Künzel 2009

"In Berlin" – Berlin Filmdocumentary by Michael Ballhaus und Ciro Cappelari; 2009

„Disorientation-Art on the margin of Contemporary“ by Travis Jeppesen 2008

„The Upset“ 2008; Art publication; Publisher:  Die Gestalten; Berlin

„All Allure” 2006 Art Publication; Publisher: Die Gestalten; Berlin





Album release of "Menetekel" in collaboration with Alexander Hacke

 Invited to write a regular interview series for Kaput Magazin on Female artists

Artist in Air Residency in Krems, Austria

Album Release of "Monika Werkstatt" In collaboration with Gudrun Gut,

Barbara Morgenstern, AGF, Lucrezia Dalt, Sonae, Beate Bartel.

Concert Tour / Workshops/ Panels with Monika Werkstatt (Budapest, Bucharest, Malaga, Prague, Berlin)

Album Release "Stille Fäden" in collaboration with Sonae

Concerts presenting "Perseverantia" with Alexander Hacke in Rejkjavik, Island; Hobart,Australia; London,England;

Hamburg, Germany;  Montreal,Canada; SF, Denver, Austin, NYC,USA; Tallin, Estonia;

Padova & Bologna & Bari, Italy, Valencia, Spain; Haacht, Belgium, Amsterdam & Nijmegen, Holland




Spokenword Performance at Short Film Festival Tenerife, Spain

Audiovisual Workshop in collaboration with Alexander Hacke at the HFG at ZKM, Karlsruhe , Germany

Artist in Air Residency in Krems, Austria

Spokenword performance at Museum Pompidou, Malaga, Spain

"Perseverantia" Album Release (collaboration with Alexander Hacke) on 6th of May 2016

Music tour through Europe for Album release througout the year together with Alexander Hacke

Video Releases of "AWAKE" & "GRACE" (for album Perseverantia)

Video Commission by SAFI "GOLEM 10+22"






 Release of solo album "Tacoma";   Label: Moabit Records, Berlin

Two month music tour through USA promoting album

Music Video Release of "I Have Love" , "Tacoma" , " Es gibt kein Zurück"

Music tour through Europe with Jarboe Living, Helen Money and Alexander Hacke

Filmpresentation of short film "Reflective Perspective" at Filmmuseum Frankfurt, Germany

Filmpresentation of short film "Net of Mirrors" at European House of Art Upper Bavaria – Schafhof, Germany





Release of Filmdocumentation " Not Junk Yet -The Art of Lary 7

Release of EP "Needle at Sea Bottom" together with Lary 7 & Alexander Hacke

Release of album "Ministry of Wolves" together with Alexander Hacke, Mick Harvey, Paul Wallfisch

Music tour through Europe with "Ministry of Wolves"

Theater music score for "Republik der Wölfe" at "Theater Dortmund " together with Alexander Hacke, Mick Harvey, Paul Wallfisch

Live participation in theater piece "Republik der Wölfe" as musician

Album cover designs for "Ministry of Wolves" Label: MUTE, England

, "Tomahawk" and "The Unsemble"  Label: IPECAC, Los Angeles

Three music video productions for "Flora Camille"

Music Video direction and production for  "Die Sterne" "Töten" (Hamburg, Germany) with guest musician Alexander Hacke





 Interdisciplinary reading performances in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Zürich, Basel, Oberhausen, Dortmund, Leipzig, Luzern

Mural commission for Cypress Inn Café, Ridgewood, NY

 "Unsichtbar" Exhibition, Westwerke, Hamburg

 "My Icon" Exhibition, Neurotitan, Berlin

Artist Residency at "The Guesthouse" in Cork , Ireland

Release of Graphic Diary (in German)  "We Are Gypsies Now - Der Weg ins Ungewisse"

Australian Tour with "Crime & The City Solution" as background singer and creating/ mixing visuals live on stage.

Produces & Directs five music videos for Crime & The City Solution:

"Goddess", "American Twilight", "Rivenman", "Beyond Good and Evil", "My Love Takes Me There"

Directs & films In-studio Documentary of "Crime & The City Solution" for MUTE Records

Designs & coverart for CD & Vinyl Album "American Twilight" by Crime & The City Solution

Directs music video for Detroit band "American Mars" : "Satans Eye"



 Tour of interdisciplinary performance “The Glasshouse” with Alexander Hacke

Participating guest musicians:  David Eugene Edwards (Wovenhand), Algis Kizys (Swans),

The Nihilist Spasm Band,Steve Forker, Paul Browse (Clock DVA)

Book promotion Performance at the MOCAD Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Becomes member of  band “Crime & The City Solution”

records & documents new album "American Twilight" together with "Crime"

Designs cover and inlay for album" A History of Crime & The City Solution"

“Invisible” solo art exhibition at the “Hinterland Gallery” Denver, 

the “Twist Art “ Gallery, Nashville Neurotitanm Berlin

“Guild of the Black Eagle” Group art exhibition , Fuse Gallery NYC

Group Exhibition  "Don't Wake Daddy VII", Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg



Exhibition at IMOCA Indianapolis Museum of Modern Art,USA,

Two month book promotion tour through North America withreading performances at:

London Museum of Art, Ontario,Goethe Institute Prague &

Civilian Arts Project, Washington, DC (selection);

Artists Residency at the Czech Cultural Institute “Meetfactory” Prague with exhibition in White Cube Gallery

Presentation of short movie "Swing Low, Swing Low now" at Decelerator exhibition in Berlin/Budapest/NYC with curator Leo Kuelbs

Art exhibition: “ My secret Diary” Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin  Germany & Citarna Unijazzu Gallery, Prague

Hitman's Heel tour through Europe  "Burn Baby Burn"  with: Alexander Hacke, Kid Congo, Julie Cruise, Khan.

Artists Residency at "Brandshof", Hamburg



Main character in Berlin film documentary “In Berlin” by filmmaker Michael Ballhaus & Cior Cappellari

Exhibition "Feedback" at the Moussontrum Frankfurt

Presentation of short movie "Sternentanz" at Rumanian film festival "NEXT"

Presentation of new short movie "The Glasshouse " at Glow exhibition Berlin; Curator Adam Nankurvis

Release of new album "Hitman's Heel" together with Alexander Hacke;

European Record Release Concert Tour

Release of Film Documentary /DVD: " How Long Is Now"

Lecture " 20 Years of Berlin Culture" at Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin

Solo exhibition "The Wild Side" at Femina Potens Gallery, San Francisco, USA



The German Foreign Ministry in Berlin commissions Danielle de Picciotto to direct/produce a 10-minute art movie. 

The resulting short film/ animation "Sternentanz"  is shown throughout Europe

Release of DVD "How Long is Now"

Performances of interdisciplinary project" The Ship Of Fools" in Istanbul, Helsinki, Montreal, Berlin andPrague with local guest musicians.

Performance at Prague Filmfestival "MOFFOM"

Performance at Montreal Festival "BERLIN MUR À MUR"

Lecture "20 Years of Berlin Culture" at Uquam & Goethe Institute Montreal

Tour through Poland with "Ship of Fools"

„The Drawing Hand“ Exhibition Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris, France

Exhibition and curation of group show "Feedback", Neurotitan, Berlin

Lecture "Interdisciplinary Art" at HDK, Berlin



„ Fairytales of Berlin“ - group show, Rähuset, Copenhagen,   Denmark

Solo Exhibition: „ Drawings“ Janine Bean Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Curation & participitation of "Transgression" exhibition at Neurotitan , Berlin

Production/Direction/Release of Film Documentray /DVD : "Ship Of Fools"

Performances with live interdisciplinary project "Ship Of Fools" internationally

Vocals for „ Cities and Girls“ in collaboration with Myra Davies



„Don´t wake Daddy“; Gallery Feinkunst Krüger; Hamburg

„Kings and Queens and Childhood Dreams“ Gallery Strychnine, London

„Nomi“ ,Gallery AU18 Milano, Italy

„Female Signs“ , Janine Bean, Berlin

„A collection of friends“, Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, USA

„Papier Tiger“ ,Gallery Deck, Stuttgart

„Mohnblumen“ , Moussonturm, Frankfurt

Music collaboration with BAGIO:

"Hin Versus Her" released on www.bagio.com

Production & Filming of "Jewels" Filmdocumentation of

Einstürzende Neubauten (Supporter DVD)

Direction & Production of interdisciplinary performance of:

"Ship of Fools" with Alexander Hacke

Premiere of "The Ship of Fools "at Radial System (Performance

Space of Sasha Waltz), Berlin

Filmdocumentation of "Throbbing Gristle" at the Volksbühne 31.12.



International tour with "Mountains Of Madness"

International tour with "History of Electricity" with performance at

Campi Magnetici, Venedig during Biennale

Soloexhibition: "Misfit Carnelvale", Gallery Neurotitan, Berlin

Group exhibition:  "Papier Tiger", Galerie Engler, Berlin

Artists residency at the Funny Farm in Ontario Canada supervised

by Gordon Monahan.



Direction /production/ visuals for interdisciplinary performance "Mountains of Madness"

together with: Alexander Hacke & The Tiger Lillies

Production, direction of video trailor for album "Sanctuary" by Alexander Hacke

Curation/ particpation of group exhibition: "Kunst oder Königin", Magazin, Arena , Berlin

Vocals/ composition of "Nackte Hunde" for "Bleib Gold Mädchen" , Mer Mer records



Direction /Production of filmdocumentation/ DVD:

"On tour with neubauten.org - Einstürzende Neubauten"

Camera, filmproduction of  Einstürzende Neubauten concert  in

Palast der Republik, Berlin for "GRUNDSTÜCK"

Conception /Production of Interdisciplinary performance piece:

"History of Electricity" together with:

Alexander Hacke for "Regional Museum Oldenburg"

Interdiscipliary Filminstallation "Durchmachen"

together with Alexander Hacke, Berlin Acadamy

Solo exhibition: "The Taboo Tableaux", Münzsalon, Berlin

Solo exhibition: "Tattooed tales" Saint Georges, Berlin

Lecture and performance tour thorugh Bosnia with Goethe Institute



Musicvideo for "Electrocute" : "Kleiner Dicker Junge"

Musicvideo for "Martin Dean": "Roll On"

Musicvideo for "Fuzzy Love"

Curation of Group exhibition: "Kunst oder König" Maria, Berlin

Solo exhibition:"Von Musen und Medusen", Galerie Moq, Berlin

Group show: "40 Jahre Haus am Lützowplatz" with:

  Dorothy Ianone, Betty Stürmer, Astrid Cüver, Emmett Williams, Berlin

Art collectors group show with Warhol,

Lichtenstein at Galerie Bleibtreu, Berlin

Groupshow: "Pet shop" together with Lillian Mousli, Neurotitan , Berlin



Musicvideo for Fred Alpi "John Massis"

Curation of group exhibition and event: "Kunst oder König"with:

  Dr Motte, Jim Avignon, Rechenzentrum, Dag, Alexander Hacke,

Radio Berlin, Daniel Ginelli; Brandenburg an der Havel

Video & Super 8 loop installations for:

  DR MOTTES PRAXXIS, August 2001 - July 2002; Casino Berlin



Stage set  for "FLEISCH WUCHERT RUM" Theater homage to

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann together with:

  Blixa Bargeld,Volksbühne, Berlin

Curation of exhibition & Event: "Kunst oder König" with:

Dr Motte, Jim Avignon, Andrew Unruh, Dag, Alexander Hacke,

Radio Berlin, Daniel Ginelli; Brandenburg an der Havel

Curation for Berlin Club art performances and installations for

  Goethe Institute in Rom & Milano

Permanent artinstallation of five bronze statues and 50 small drawings at

the "Elblounge", Hamburg

Lecture " Interdisciplinary art and event management" at

Goethe Institute Berlin



Stage set  for "FLEISCH WUCHERT RUM" Theater homage to

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann with:

  Blixa Bargeld,Centro Petralata, Rome

Stage set for NINA HAGEN performance at Volksbühne Berlin

Curation of exhibition & event "Kunst oder König " at the Festival of Lights with:

Terranova, Dag, Skudi Optix; Hong Kong

Production of art charity event for NORDOFF ROBINS

Vocals for "Tiger" on album "Brain Confusion" by Cornelius Perino

Group art charity at Gallery Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

Unicef art charity event, Berlin



Curation of "KUNST ODER KÖNIG" Club Culture Party/exhibition with:

Jim Avignon, Dag, Cornelius Perino, Betty Stürmer, Evelin Höhne
Schloß Senske, Senske

"Unsere Stars" exhibition with Kiddy Citney, Europa Center, Berlin



Organization /participation of art charity SCHÖNE NEUE WELT together with:

Dr Motte /Loveparade in Museum Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart

Curation of  group exhibition / event  "BERLINAPOLI" together with:

  Gio Di Sera & the Goethe Institut, Napels, Italy

Solo exhibition: "Crime, War, Corruption" Gallery Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin



Vocals for song "No Go" for "Die Haut" "Spring" album

Group exhibition "POP 2000 - Berlin Factory", Postfuhramt, Berlin

Curation of Gallery : Institute", Berlin

Solo exhibition: "Dornröschen Lacht", Institute Berlin



Curation of Gallery : Institute", Berlin

Composition and vocals for  "Ambition" & "Pearl" for  "Ocean Club"  in collaboration with Gudrun Gut

Stage set & costumes EROTIC ART ENERGIS, Pyro Space Ballet, Metropol, Berlin



Stage set & costumes for SID UND NANCY by Ben Becker with:

Otto Sander, Alexander Hacke, Meret Becker, Ex und Pop, Berlin

Curation of Gallery Aurora in the Tresor, Berlin

Clubinstallation "Romantik", CU Club, Berlin

Guest particpation in multimedia project Miasma in collaboration with:

Gudrun Gut & Myra Davies, Berlin



Stage set & Costumes; for TV : UNITED UNSINNsat 1 (kurzfilm), Magazin, 10 Folgen, Berlin

Composition & vocals for " Stars" on "Divamania-Berlins best Women in the house" Compilation



Costumes for "BELADEN MIT 1000 PFERD" ; Rathaus Schöeneberg, Berlin

Soloexhibition "Angry Women" during Angry Women Festival at Tempodrom, Berlin with:

Gudrun Gut, Lydia Lunch

Theater Costumes for "ZEITFREIHEIT" Rimbaud, Ballhaus, Berlin

Release of Space Cowboy single "Terrorist"

Founding of "The Ocean Club" together with Gudrun Gut



Participation as violinist on "Malaria" Album "Cheerio"  with

Gudrun Gut, Bettina Cöstner

Eorpeantour with Space Cowboys



Release of Space Cowboy album "Locked n Loaded"



Becomes member (vocalist) of  Berlin band  "Space Cowboys"

Release of single "2 Hi" with Space Cowboys



Costumes for "ANTONIN ARTAUD" Katakomben Theater, Berlin

Costumes for "SALOME", Ballett, Bremen

"Ave Maria " Art Installation at Loulou Lasard Gallery, Berlin


1988 - 1992

Super 8 filmloop club installations in "Ex n Pop", "Madonna", "Turbine Rosenheim",

90°, "Tresor", "E-Werk", "Maria am Ostbahnhof", Berlin



Costume designer for Meire Meire, Cologne

1983 - 86

Design/Illustration at F.I.T & Parsons , NYC

1981 - 82

Artschool; Alanus Kunsthochschule, Bonn


started playing piano at the age of four, violin at the age of twelve