Danielle de Picciotto is releasing her first solo album.  Employing unusual instruments like the hurdy gurdy and the autoharp, while accompanying her spoken-word poetry and delicate vocal styling’s with multi-layered violin harmonies, she evokes an imagery of lonesome desert landscapes, enchanted forests and otherworldly trance-states while straddling maritime thunderstorms by combining recordings of natures manifold phenomena with radio interferences, reverberating tribal percussions, electronic treatments and the soothing and genuinely organic vibrations of acoustically generated drones and internal mantras.

Her lyrics focus on the mystical implications of the nomadic life, clairvoyant renderings of female intuition and tales of dreamlike revelations, while the instrumental pieces of this astonishing album transport the listener onto paths never tread or like Danielle herself, who only recently returned for the first time to the place of her birth onto a journey to the beginning of time.

The album was produced by Alexander Hacke and  is being released on moabit records for whom she is is not a new artist. She already collaborated with Gudrun Gut on the „Members of the Oceanclub“(moa15) album as well as on Myra Davies's album „Cities and Girls“(moa17).
For pre- sales:
EUROPE: https://anost.net/en/Products/Danielle-de-Picciotto-Tacoma/
USA: http://www.forcedexposure.com/SearchResult.html?SearchType=Basic&Type=artist&Key=Danielle%20de%20Picciotto


16th of April 2015

Danielle de Picciotto celebrated the album release at Monty Bar
1222 W 7th St, Los Angeles, California 90017   from 7 - 10PM
She  DJed together with Alexander Hacke and presented music videos

13th of Mai 2015

A second release party will be taking place in Berlin at Horns and Hooves Danziger Straße 1
10435 Berlin on the 13th of May from 8pm onward
with a small live performance by Danielle de Picciotto, including a live guest appearance by Alexander Hacke.
Danielle will also be presenting her music videos and  DJing with her longtime friend Gudrun Gut.





We would also like to inform you of two wonderful video exhibitions which are presenting short films by Danielle de Picciotto and music by Alexander Hacke momentarily :

Transflexion ? Net of Mirrors
28 March - 31 May, 2015
Exhibition opening: 27 March, 2015, Friday 7 pm

Participating artists:
Sound: Alexander Hacke (New York/Berlin)
Video: Helga Griffiths (Darmstadt), Thomas Lüer (Frankfurt/Main), Danielle de Picciotto (New York/Berlin), Robert Seidel (Berlin), Caspar Stracke (Helsinki), Grazia Toderi (Milano/Torino)

Artists talk by Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke on the 16th of May 2015 at 3pm

European House of Art Upper Bavaria – Schafhof
Am Schafhof 1, 85354 Freising, Germany




Schaumainkai 41 60596 Frankfurt, Germany

On view March 11 -  June 15, 2015

Danielle di Picciotto, Jesse Fleming, Philipp Geist, Richard Jochum, Robert Seidel, and Eszter Szabó
Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Karl Erickson