Momentarily Danielle de Picciotto is giving an interdisciplinary workshop at the reknown music, film & art institute of the "ZKM" in Karlsruhe, Germany together with Alexander Hacke. The final performance together with the students will take place in the main hall of the building on the 5th of June at 8PM. It is for free and open to the public so come by, the results are fascinating.

Her new collaboration with Alexander Hacke "Perseverantia" which was released on
May 6th, 2016 on POTOMAK has been going so fast that a new edition is being printed momentarily.

A second music video for the album was released on May 9th which you can find under "film" on this web page

Danielle & Alexander will be presenting their new album internationally throughout the year. Here are some of their summer dates:

8th of June
Dampfzentrale Bern ( The film "B-Movie" will also be presented and shown after their concert with a Q&A)

8th of July
Danielle de Piciotto and Alexander Hacke will be performing at the Spoken Word International Festival Palabras Torcidas, in the Pompidou Museum, Malaga, presenting spoken word from Danielle´s solo album "Tacoma" and their album "Perseverantia"

23rd & 24th of July
  Danielle de Picciotto will have a booth at the  Neonchocolate-Art Festival in Berlin presenting some of her smaller art work and prints. She will also be presenting embroidered illustrations in collaboration with Muriel Grimont.