Danielle de Picciotto is part of the the huge exhibition "Nineties Berlin" which will be running until February 2019 in "Die Alte Münze" Berlin.

The exhibition speaks of Berlins cultural years after the Fall of the wall  during which Danielle was extremely active co founding not only the Love Parade but generating countless concerts, events and exhibitions. Her stories and that of other important figures of those years can be seen and heard at:  https://nineties.berlin/de


Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke have contributed their music for the filmdocumentary "Iuventa" http://www.iuventa-film.de/

The film is being shown in German cinemas and selling out most of the screenings. It will also be shown on German TV on 3SAT on Monday,the 13th of August 2018, at 10:25PM


hackedepicciotto (which are Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke) will be performing their current album "Menetekel" in September in following festivals and venues :

7th of September  http://berlin.arkaoda.com/  Berlin with support act: Radarcave (Texas,USA) https://soundcloud.com/radarcave
14th of September "Take The A Train Festival" , Salzburg, Austria  http://www.bahnhoffestival.at/
15th of September Röda, Steyr, Austria https://roeda.at/
29th of September Hamburg, Germany,  Westwerk  https://www.westwerk.org/