Some of the many exhibitions and events Danielle has curated over the years.


Danielle de Picciotto has been curating shows and events since 1994.
From 1995 -1997 she was the art curator of Berlin Gallery "Das Insitut".
From 1998 -2013  she  focused on her own artistic output but organized  one large group show per year and one or two events to experiment with other artists and medias, to strengthen artistic interaction and support and to inspire new collaborations whilst pursuing odd combinations and unusual themes.



2013: "My Icon"

Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany

with: Olga Volchkova, Lillevan, Uli Schüppel, Tesse Hughes-Freeland, Sarah Legault, Selda Asal, NU Unruh, Sven Marquardt, Ilan Katin


2013: "Unsichtbar"

Westwerke, Hamburg , Germany

with: Jill Razor Mustoffa, Olga Volchkova, Kai Teichert, Phil Topolovac, Thomas Draschan,Tina Winkhaus,Janne Höltermann, Anja Huwe, Hartmut Gerbsch,Niedervolthoudini,Sabine Flunker


2013: Exhibition “Me, Myself and I”

 Schaufenster, Berlin

“Theme: What is a Self Portrait and is it still relevant today”

with: Kiddy Citny, Danielle de Picciotto, Anita Lane, Katy Beale, Francoise Cactus, Betty Stürmer, Heiko Müller, Paula Bogati, Cornelius Perino, Tina Winkhaus, Wee Flowers, Kai Teichert, Patrick Pilsl, Andrew Greif, Breeda C.C,


2012: Exhibition “Invisible”

Neonschocolat Gallery Berlin; Twist Art Gallery, Nashville; Hinterland Denver

“Examining invisibility”

with Thomas Drashan, Danielle de Picciotto, Kai Teichert, Olga Volchkova, Philip Topoclova, Deborah Wargon


2011: My Secret Diary

Neurotitan Gallery

“Examination of self reflection”
with Paula Bogati, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Danielle de Picciotto, Kevin E. Taylor, Kai Teichert, David Yow



Neurotitan, Berlin & Mouson Turm Frankfurt

Danielle de Picciotto invited six influential artists from around the world to exhibit together with her in the Haus Schwarzenberg. In addition, she asked seven distinguished musicians to interpret the work of each artist respectively and create a “soundtrack” to a select image. These interpretations then were presented over headphones adjacent to the corresponding picture… As the artists and musicians had no contact during the process, the interaction took place between the music and the artwork as a form of “feedback”.


With Laurie Lipton| Tina Winkhaus | Angie Mason | Petra Wende | Claudia Drake | Kai Teichert | Danielle de Picciotto

and music by

Marta Collica | FM Einheit | Algis Kizys | Mick Harvey | Adrian Stout | Jacob Kirkegaard | Alexander Hacke


2008: Transgression

Neurotitan, Berlin

“the work of seven female artists that have a long history of transgression”

Lydia Lunch | Niagara | Gudrun Gut | Françoise Cactus | Danielle de Picciotto | Myra Davies | Breeda C.C.



Arena, Berlin

“ A presentation of female artists in Berlin”

Ziska Rieman (Comics) / Gudrun Gut (Photography) / Katy Beale (Landscapes) / Gabriele Steidinger (Painting) / Wee Flowers (Pop Portraits) / Veryyu (Objects) / Ceren Oykut (Drawings) / Francoise Cactus (Objects) / Breeda C.C. (Objects) / Laura Kikauka (Collages) / Eva Licht (Painting) / Dahlia Schweitzer (Photography) / Hanayo (Photography) / Betty Stürmer (Objects) / Danielle de Picciotto (Drawings ) / Angela Dwyer (abstract painting) / Anne Kristin Fleischhauer (Video Installation) / Hiroko Tanahashi (Design) / Karen Koltermann (Painting) / Petra Wende (Sculpture) / Lillian Mousli (Comic) / Kerstin Groh (Photography) / Minou Zaribaf (Comic) / Carolin Leszczinski (Photography) / Evelin (Comic) / Astrid Küver (Objects) / Selda Asal (Video) / Diana Dart (Tatoopop) / Isabel Ott (Objects) / Mental Architexture (Video)


2004: Art Auction with Christoph Schlingensief to save the cultural venue Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin

with artists: Alexander Hacke, Blixa Bargeld, Doctor Motte, Danielle de Picciotto, Breeda C.C, Kiddy Citny, Thiery Noir



Maria, Berlin.

“Club Art” exhibition”

with: Jim Avignon, Dr. Motte, Alexander Hacke , Jochen Arbeit, Daniel Gineli, Radio Berlin, Thomas Bartel, Danielle de Picciotto, Evelin, Zeitblom, ED 2000, Racoon Brothers , Sin City Circus Ladies, Martin Dean, Fubbi Carlson, Uwe & Heiko Bressnik, Nora Schlecht, Betty Stürmer, Gió di Sera, Wee Flowers, Steve Morell , Rene Suthfeld, Bildwandler, Lutz Pramann, Mignon



Brandenburg an der Havel

“Clubart – Exhibition”

with Dr Motte, Jim Avignon, Rechenzentrum, Dag, Alexander Hacke, Tulip Enterprises, Radio Berlin, Daniel Ginelli, Bartel,ED 2000, Jochen Arbeit , Breeda C.C., Daniel Gineli Radio Berlin, Tulip Enterprises, Skudi Optix, Danielle de Picciotto, Evelin, Zeitblom, Racoon Brothers, Gordon Monaham, Gordon W., Laura Kikauka, Nora Schlecht, Rechenzentrum, Brandenburg an der Havel



August 2001 - July 2002
Casino Berlin

Presentation of Video artists in Berlin



Brandenburg an der Havel

“Club art” exhibition with:

Dr Motte, Jim Avignon, Andrew Unruh, Dag, Alexander Hacke, Tulip Enterprises, Radio Berlin, Daniel Ginelli; Danielle de Picciotto

2001: Club Culture presentation 

Milano/roma Goethe Institute

Presentation of popular video/Music/performance developments in Berlin



Goethe Institut, Hong Kong

Festival of Light

Exhibition and presentation of Berlin artists:

With: Terranova, Tulip Enterprises, Skudi Optix, Danielle de Picciotto


2000: Loveparade Art Charity

Art Charity event supported by the Loveparade
Haus am Lützowoplatz, Berlin

Dr Motte, Jim Avignon, Andrew Unruh, Dag, Alexander Hacke, Tulip Enterprises, Radio Berlin, Daniel Ginelli; Danielle de Picciotto, Saba Laudanna



Club Culture exhibition
Schloß Senske in Senske

With artists: Radio Berlin, Jim Avignon, DAG, Cornelius Perino, Saba Laudanna,

Danielle de Picciotto, Betty Stürmer



Cultural art exchange curated together with Gio Di Sera Naples
and the Goethe Institute Naples

in the Goethe Institute & Art museum, Naples

With artists: Gio de Sera, Betty Stürmer, Cornelius Perino, Danielle de Picciotto



art charity exhibition in collaboration with Dr Motte & the museum Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

with: Kai Teichert, Inga Humpe, Tulip Enterprises, Betty Stürmer, Breedy C.C. Bernhardt Föll,

Danielle de Picciotto Jim Avignon, DAG, Wee Flowers



In  1996 Danielle de Picciotto was invited to curate and run a Gallery by Dimitri Hegeman founder of the famous Tresor Club in Berlin. The Gallery was situated in Berlin Mitte. The Gallery space was divided into two large gallery rooms in which De Picciotto curated monthly exhibitions and a third room in which 200 artists were represented within a small art shop representing “cheap art” (an art movement founded by Jim Avignon that stated that art should be obtainable by everybody and because of this was not more expensive that 100DM per piece. These pieces were unique and no mass products. Their quality was as high as expensive art but made for the cheap art movement).

De Picciotto presented film evenings, small concerts and performance evenings besides curating the main openings. In 1998 she decided to go back to working as an artist and concentrate more on her own art but to continue curating one large group exhibition per year in the future to present interesting artists.



Tresor, Berlin

Danielle de Picciotto decided to host a series of photography exhibitions because she felt that they were notrepresented in berlin with:

Martin Schacht, Ilse Ruppert, Domenico Zindato, Stefan Maria Rother, Miron Zownir,