A film about New York musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound artist, filmmaker and photographer Lary 7.

Production & Sound: Alexander Hacke
Director: Danielle de Picciotto
Editing: Sylvia Steinhaüser

The immense wit and pure outrageousness of Lary 7’s presentations and performances makes each one an unpredictable, sometimes strange event, often with an atmosphere of deliberate absurdity, and where audience expectations are tweaked and toyed with.

Lary 7 — founder of the Plastikville Records label and studio, student of Tony Conrad, Paul Sharits and Hollis Frampton, and a perennial figure of the New York music scene since the early 1980s — is finally seen, heard and celebrated as never before in this film exploration of his important work.

Lary 7 has collaborated with countless music icons for more than three decades: Michael Gira, Tom Verlaine, Jarboe, Foetus, Tony Conrad, Alexander Hacke, Larry Mullins, Dorit Chrysler, Jacob Kirkegaard, Ken Montgomery, Michael Evans and Gordon Monahan.

Not Junk Yet: The Art of Lary 7 features never-before-seen interviews, performances, collaborations and conversations with Lary 7 and his fellow artists on the New York art & music scenes, giving us an intimate glimpse into the modus operandi, working concepts and sound and image experimentations of a man who has survived independent of the music industry for decades — influencing and inspiring all that have met him.

--Vance Whitestone & Jim Sharpe, New York City, 2014

Featuring Interviews with:

Lary 7, Tony Conrad, Fabio Roberti, Bill Bronson, Michael Evans, Jarboe, Lydia Lunch, Jim Sclavunos, Sparks, Matthew Barney, Jim Thirlwell, Gary Ray, Jimi Tenor, Alexander Hacke, Bradley Eros, Gordon Monahan, Laura Kikauka, Dorit Chrysler, Larry Mullins, Jutta Koethe

Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto
Label: Potomak
Format: DVD
DVD: 15,00 € 

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Danielle de Picciotto now presents Tacoma, her first solo album and the first release on Gudrun Gut's Moabit label since 2008. Employing unusual instruments like the hurdy-gurdy and the autoharp, while accompanying her spoken-word poetry and delicate vocal stylings with multi-layered violin harmonies, she evokes imagery of lonesome desert landscapes, enchanted forests, and otherworldly trance-states while straddling maritime thunderstorms by combining recordings of nature's manifold phenomena with radio interferences, reverberating tribal percussions, electronic treatments, and the soothing and genuinely organic vibrations of acoustically generated drones and internal mantras. Her lyrics focus on the mystical implications of the nomadic life, clairvoyant renderings of female intuition, and tales of dreamlike revelations, while the instrumental pieces of this astonishing album transport the listener into paths never tread, or, like Danielle herself, who only recently returned for the first time to the place of her birth, into a journey to the beginning of time.

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The Glasshouse

An Audio/Visual Performance By: Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke.

A very limited edition! DVD 15€ including shipment worldwide

The Beauty of Transgression

A Berlin Memoir
By: Danielle de Picciotto

Release Date: 30th of March 2011

Price Europe: €20
Price World: €30

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Hitman's Heel CD

Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke
Official Release Potomak - February 18 2011

The Circuit, Hickory Dickory Dock, Time is Passing, War, Bikers Lullaby, Ballad of the Lonely Fish, Hitman’s Heel, Flowers, On The Road, Rise and Converge, Even Further, Nauseous Waltz.

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How Long is Now DVD

A movie by Danielle de Picciotto
Sound by Alexander Hacke
Edited by Sylvia Steinhaeuser
Languages: Czech, Finish, German, French, English, Turkish
Subtitles: English
Duration: 90 Minutes
Label: potomak c&p 2010

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Ship of Fools CD+DVD

A Performance by Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke Based on the novel by Sebastian Brant (1458)

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on tour with dvd

A film by Danielle de Picciotto

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featuring Alexander Hacke with the Tiger Lillies & Danielle de Picciotto

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the clubculture compilation 2002

kunst oder könig

TRACKLIST Alexander Hacke und Zeitblom - judy, Raccoon Brothers feat Jochen Arbeit - kingston is in louisiana, Rechenzentrum - ibm, ED 2000 - smiling in san antonio tx, Jim Avignon - combi assesina, Jochen Arbeit - intermission in venus, Zeitblom - my favorite abilities, Raccoon Brothers - loopy fruit, Fuzzy Love - break on thru, Alexander Hacke - la hostia, Dr. Motte - swerve
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